Players Championship - Quarter-final

Thursday 25 February 2021. Match Report Written by Mad Mikey from The 15 Red Podcast team. O’Sullivan (2) Lisowski.   (11) H2H: 2-0 Ronnie  “He’s been knocking on the door for quite some time now and is due to win one soon” says Barry Hawkins pre match regarding Lisowski impressive play this season. Well post match it was obvious that Jack Lisowski is not anywhere near the level of Ronnie O’Sullivan.  In 48 minutes, it was 4-0, with breaks of 63,79,124,93 and firmly planted in the Commanders Chair. For further case and point, frame 5, after the interval, a 125 and 5-0, and in frame 6 , Lisowski got his first real chance in the balls. He did win the frame to fight off the whitewash. Frame 7 Ronnie locks up a sublime performance with a 59, and goes on to battle the hawk in the semi final on Saturday. Clearly over his surprise defeat on Sunday, Ronnie is serving notice that he will be a tough out this weekend. Scoreboard Reads: O’Sullivan 6 Lisowski.   1

Welsh Open Final - Session 2

Sunday 21st February Featured Match -  Report Written By Graeme Drayton from The 15 Red Podcast team  Match Stats From The Opening Session Pot Success: -  O'Sullivan 92% - Brown 90% Long Pot Success: - O'Sullivan 64% - Brown 53% Safety Success: - O'Sullivan 79% - Brown 92% Total Points: -  O'Sullivan 420 - Brown 450 The average shot times: - O'Sullivan 18 Secs - Brown 21 Secs The average frame time was 16 minutes. Score From Afternoon Session O'Sullivan 3 - Brown 5 Brown broke off frame 9. After a few good safety shots were played. Brown made a mistake, as the cue-ball was travelling back to baulk, it hit the blue full ball, which gifted O'Sullivan an early chance. But The Rocket broke down on a break of 33, as he missed long black into the yellow pocket. Brown blasted a red (at the bottom of the pack) into right corner, but could make a break of 18 as he ran out position and had to send the cue-ball back to baulk. Even though he had a good safety, Brown wou

Welsh Open Final - Session 1

Before the match began, t his was going to be the true David and Goliath story of the snooker world. The 44-year-old world number 3, The Rocket – Ronnie O’Sullivan – who turned professional in 1992 and has 37 major ranking event victories including 6 times world champion), 3 – minor ranking titles and 33 non-ranking. He holds a record of one thousand and eighty-nine career century breaks (1,089), and 15, 147 maximum breaks to his name. The 33-year-old rookie from Antrim in Northern Ireland, Jordan Brown known as the Antrim Ferrari had first turned professional 2009. The break-through came in the 2015/16 season, when he qualified for his first ever ranking tournament, which was the UK Championship where he lost in round one 6 – 1 to Stuart Bingham where he complied a half century of 50. His debut in the Welsh open came in the same season, this time he fell victim of a whitewash in the first round to Stuart Carrington by 4 – 0. Through the 2016/17 season he had only qualified for one

Welsh Open - 2nd Semi-Final

Saturday 20 February 2021 Match Report Written by Mad Mikey from The 15 Red Podcast team  O’Sullivan (2) Williams.   (14) H2H: 32-12 O’Sullivan Frame 1: With the Class of 92 stepping into the arena, there was much anticipation for a high caliber contest, and with a solid 73 break by Williams it looked to be an early lead. But even down by so much , Ronnie decided to play on, get some pots in, and get use to the table. 1-0 Williams  Frame 2: After looking sharp in defeat in frame 1, Ronnie quickly and decisively equalized by making his first century of the week, a 102, and even Steven at 1-1... Frame 3: After missing a long red, Ronnie puts together a 77 and grabs the lead for the first time in the contest. 2-1 Rocket. Frame 4: Once again Ronnie capitalized on an over aggressive Williams, makes 54 before Williams gets a chance. But after a good pink, Mark misses an easy red, to which Ronnie finishes of the frame and 3-1 interval lead. Frame 5: With Mark looking less than average on the

Welsh Open - 1st Semi-Final

Saturday 20th February 2021 Afternoon Best of 11 frames. Featured Match - Report written by Graeme Drayton from The 15 Red Podcast team Referee - John Pellew Stephen Maguire v Jordan Brown 1 - 5 Highest Breaks - Brown 135 (Frame 1), Brown 113 (Frame 4) To get to the semis Jordan Brown had beaten Luo Honghao (world number 64) in the first round 4 - 0, world number 51, Sam Craigie 4 - 3 in the 64. His next victim was the talented swiss player Alexander Ursenbacher, 62nd in the world ranking and in the last 32 on another decider 4 - 3. He had to come through another decider in the last 16, beating 50th ranked Mark King 4 - 3.  And then came the shocker, he won yet another deciding frame against the world number 4 Mark Selby on a black ball finish. Selby missed the into the right middle which was very reminiscent of the final black that Stephen Hendry had missed against Mark Williams in the 1998 Masters final.   In the opening round Stephen Maguire beat Dominic Dale 4 - 1. Then he beat Mat

Welsh Open - Quarter-final

19 February 2021 Evening Session Match Report Written by Mad Mikey from The15 Red Podcast team: Williams (14) Ford        (27) H2H: 9-1 Williams  Frame1: Mark starts off with some very good pots, builds a break of 70 and grabs the early lead in the match.. 1-0 Williams  Frame2: Again, Mark starts out strong, compiling a 60 break but missed an easy red . Tom made his first pots and replied with 35, and laid a tough snooker. He gained some additional foul points, but missed a green he should have potted, which allowed Williams to clear the remaining colours and win frame 2. 2-0 Williams. Frame3: With Mark showing strong form and making pots with the rest in the air, he makes a break of 67. Tom has a chance, but makes a measly 26, and Mark the locks up the frame. 108-26, 3-0  advantage as well. Frame4: Tom starts off with some good pots to gain the early edge. Mark gets a chance in the balls before breaking down on 36. The frame becomes a bit scrappy, and at 51-35 Williams screws in off o

Welsh Open - Quarter-final

Friday Afternoon Session  Featured Match -  Report Written By Graeme Drayton from The 15 Red Podcast team  Murphy v Maguire 4 - 5 Highest Break 133 - Maguire (Frame 9) Frame 1 Started with a safety battle, just as both would not have liked. Murphy gave away the first foul, after missing thin clip on a red. Maguire missed a long red that came back up the up the table knocking the cue-ball back into baulk. Seven minutes into the match and it was Murphy who potted a long red into bottom left corner, the cue-ball went behind the back and the pack, finding its way into left middle. Maguire had ball in hand and from the d he potted a red into left corner, on its way back to the baulk end the side took effect, hit a red and fell into the green pocket. 2 unlucky fouls in a row of these two quality players. Murphy was next in, as he gently potted a red into left corner and he managed to hold for the black, but after knocking it in he failed to get onto his intended red and played safe of that